October 20 and 21 in Madrid: Workshop on Skin Rare Diseases - Fundation Ramon Areces

Thursday 26 May 2016

The Fundation Ramon Areces organises a workshop on Rare Skin Diseases in Madrid on October 20-21

Free registration

Five main topics will be developed:

  1. KERATINIZATION DISORDERS including developments in research and clinical trials;
  2. DISEASES OF DERMO-EPIDERMAL FRAGILITY emphasizing its problems in Spain as well as new therapeutic approaches to clinical and pre-clinical level;
  3. DNA RAPAIR DISEASES with the discovery and characterization of new genes and new lines of research;
  4. ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIAS and the relationship between genotypes and clinical manifestations and
  5. A section of vascular diseases - cancer of genetic origin and its most relevant clinical aspects.

Summary and programme:

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