The Genodermatoses Network at the ECRD 2014

Wednesday 30 April 2014

The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Oprhan Products is organized in Berlin from 8 to 10 May 2014.

The Genodermatoses Network poster will be presented on Saturday 10 May, 2014. Leena Bruckner-Tuderman (Germany), Smail Hadj-Rabia (France), Grabiela Pohla-Gubo (Austria) will present their centers and discuss their experience on:

  • Friday 9 May from 14.00 to 15.30: Theme 1 - Centres of Expertise (Part I) - Best Practices (example 1) - Specialised centre for epidermolysis bullosa, Leena Bruckner-Tuderman,
  • Saturday 10 May from 9.00 to 10.30: Theme 1- European Reference Networks - The example of the Austrian Epidermolysis Bullosa Centre and how it links into a broader network, Gabriela Pohla-Gubo.

See the Genodermatoses Network poster at the ECRD 2014:

PDF - 5.4 Mb
The Genodermatoses Network Poster at the ECRD2014

View online : ECRD 2014 : The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products

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