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2018 Art Contest winners

Meet the winners of our 2018 Art Contest!

And the winners are...

3-5 years old

1st prize: Diane E.
2nd prize: Thomas D.
3rd prize: Françoise D.

5-9 years old

1st prize: Noa B.
2nd prize: Sana T.
3rd prize: Lilly M.

10-13 years old

1st prize: Juliette V.
2nd prize: Iman I.
3rd prize: Léopoldine W.

13-18 years old

1st prize: Victoire S.
2nd prize: Justine D.
3rd prize: Chloé L.


1st prize: Alicia C.
2nd prize: Marion R.
3rd prize: Stéphanie A.

Special jury selection

Alycia M.

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