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2019 Art Contest winners

See the amazing artworks of the 2019 Art Contest winners.
Congratulations to them !

See the drawings having obtained, after the jury vote, the three best average grade per category.
NB : Given that it was allowed to send more than one drawings for each candidate, some names can appear several times.

3-5 years old

Winner: Ana Barragan

Second place: Maxence Stark

Third place shared: Ana Barragan (Top and bottom)

6-9 years old

Winner: Simone Mulas

Second place shared: Marianna Santoro (Top) and Greta di Giovanni (Bottom)

Third place: Gulia Vecchione

10-13 years old

Winner: Teresa Maria Iacono

Second place: Valentin Guillot

Third place: Maria Victoria Talarico

14-18 years old

Winner: Mohamed Diarra

Second place: Fatima Ali

Third place shared: Violette Ksouri (Top) and Fatima Ali (Bottom)

Adults (or over 18 years old)

Winner : Camille Lequillec-Christodolou

Second place: Thomas Woersdoerfer

Third place: Jean-Michel Dupin

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