Dates and program

The conference will be held November 4-7, 2020.
A 3-hour Main session will run everyday from 14:00 to 17:00 CET addressing a different area of science concerning albinism each day :
● Day 1 : Genetics & Dermatology
● Day 2 : Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome & Cellular Mechanisms of OCA
● Day 3 : Ophthalmology
● Day 4 : Cellular and animal models & Therapies
Different Side sessions (pre-recorded or live) have also been included in the program for specific categories of participants :
● The basics of Albinism for the non-expert health-care provider
● Presentations for non-scientists on the Latest albinism research
● Happy Hour & Virtual Exhibition Hall
Visit the 5EDA website and learn more about the conference program :


Online Registration to the virtual conference is now open.
Registration is open to scientists, albinism organization leaders as well as any interested non-scientist.
Please note that the Main sessions are made up of non-vulgarized scientific presentations that might not be appropriate for non-scientists. In addition, please note that all conference sessions will be offered in English only..
Don’t wait ! Register now on the 5EDA website !
If you had previously registered for the 5EDA Bordeaux conference, you need to register again.
Looking forward to seeing you online at the beginning of November,
Warm regards from France,

Pr. Benoit Arveiler
Co-Chair of Albinism Europe Scientific Committee

Béatrice Jouanne
President of Genespoir

Antoine Gliksohn
Genespoir International Affairs Officer




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